Shadowban Scanner has been updated to v2.2

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Shadowban Scanner has been updated to v2.2. This version includes several bug fixes and additional configuration items.

The main changes are as follows. All changes can be viewed on the release page on GitHub.

🎉New Features




Barring any new bugs, the next release will be v3.0. v3.0 will improve the design of the settings screen, add a button to tweet the results, and add the ability to detect display restrictions due to legal reasons.

What is Shadowban Scanner?

Shadowban Scanner is an extension that allows you to check Twitter’s so-called shadowban and sensitive judgments on the fly without having to go to an external site.

Shadowban Scanner can be downloaded from the following links:

Just install it on your web browser and you will have access to the following features

screenshot of Shadowban Scanner
screenshot of Shadowban Scanner

All processing is done on the user’s computer. There is no communication with external servers or access to Twitter’s internal APIs to obtain your credentials without your permission, as is the case with some extensions. Your data and privacy are protected.

Shadowban Scanner is available in the latest versions of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Mozilla Firefox for PCs. For technical reasons, it is not available on smartphones (except Firefox Nightly for Android).

More information on how it works can be found on the following page.

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